Advanced Constructions is a service company. In addition we have the capabilities to produce components and even full systems in order to fulfill contract services. We perform services for our clients such as;

  • Millwright Services – we send to your site our skilled and certified craftsmen who installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles, and moves machinery in your factory, power plant, or construction site. See Millwright Services
  • Maintenance Services – we can furnish a single superintendent or a full crew on your job-site. We perform standard maintenance or preventative maintenance on your equipment, your production line or your facility. This can be on a one time basis, a periodic or full-time basis. We have many Advanced employees located full-time at our clients facility. See Maintenance Services
  • Disaster Services – we work with you to develop a plan towards recovery for your company. We then activate a team who can marshal all of our assets (people, equipment, capabilities) to carry out that plan. See Disaster Services

    Disaster Service clean up collapse roof.
    Celing collapse is a dangerous and costly disaster. Advanced can safely deal with this and minimize losses.
  • Metal Fabrication Service – for the Industrial, Commercial, and Petroleum Industries. Delivering quality products on time every time. Advanced Construction believes in treating every customer and project as important, whether large or small. See Fabrication Services
  • Excavation Services – we do site preparation, grading, trenching and many other soil-related tasks. We can install piping systems underground or pour pilings.
  • Deconstruction Services – take-down/tear-down is about more than just knocking things down. We are specialist at removing structures, manufacturing lines, etc in an orderly, low impact and well planned execution. Leaving our clients property ready for it’s next use.See Deconstruction Services
  • Coatings Internal/External – NACE Certified Inspector on-site. With the capabilities and experience to internally and/or externally coat products. See Coating Services
  • Field Services – See Field Services
  • Salt Water Disposal – See Salt Water Services