North America’s Rail Repair Market

Rail repair service

Among our specialty services are those we offer GBW Rail Services and others is our rail repair/replacement services.

According to Chad Allen (Project Manager – Advanced Construction)

“We regularly change out rail ties, switch stands and add new rail. The ties are simple. We pull out the ones that need to be replaced and push the new one in all with a backhoe. We can install wood ties, concrete ties or steel ties. We make sure the track is still in gauge (56 ½”) and we spike back down with a spike driver or by hand. We can change out any size rail. From 70lb rail to 145lb. We can also design and build a new track from scratch will panelized turnouts. We will come in level the ground, lay out the ties, drop the ballast, and install the track at the proper gauge. We are equipped with a backhoe and cribbing bucket, skid steer, generators and pneumatic tools.

Example of a job completed: ” We came in and excavated 270’ of track and replaced every third tie. We took out a 39’ section of worn out track and replaced with new. We changed out the seized up switch stand with a 22EZ switch stand. Made sure the switch threw to each side properly. We did a final grade on the track with the backhoe. We disposed of all the old railroad ties properly.

We have changed out multiply switch Stands for GBW Rail Services in Cleburne Texas.

We have fixed multiple de-rails. We can set the cars back on track and fix the track where it won’t happen again. “

Advanced Construction can move a crew and equipment to the tracksite. Perform the repair or replacement and put the track back into service according to your schedule. Please contact us and schedule a conversation about our professional rail services.