James Hardie Peru,Illinois

Snapshot of James Hardie Job, Peru, IL

Dean Strickland, Project Manager

On this project we were asked to work on a section of the production line that acts as the conveyor belt return, it also holds the tensioner pulley that adjust the belt as well as holds the vacuum box that sucks the moisture out of the belt.

Conveyor Line work at James Hardie

We removed the existing vacuum head frame rollers, hydraulic cylinders, air lines, and hydraulic lines so we could replace the entire head frame structure due to extensive corrosion. We successfully installed the new structure, all rollers, and lines in the tight time frame we were given. We fabricated, painted and transported the new structure from our home based shop in Texas to the job site in Illinois. Everything went perfect on this project despite the tight schedule and very small margin of error on the measurement tolerance (.002”). After complete of this project the customer asked that we come back and do the same thing on the production line next to the finished project.