Professional – Competitive Construction, Millwright & Manufacturing Services
Working All Over North America


Our customers have manufacturing plants, processing facilities and other large industrial assets. Our job at Advanced Construction is to provide people (crews), knowledge, equipment and fabricated products to keep our customers plants and processes running smooth and profitable.


Located in Central Texas we offer our services in the lower 48 & Canada. Advanced Construction provides services to those needing high quality, safe and experienced crews.


We are millwrights, expert at maintaining equipment and prodution lines and able to respond when disaster strikes. We operate our own manufacturing plant capable of producing large and complex components….quickly. We provide services such as ASME pressure vessels, turnkey gas plants, compressor stations, tank batteries, emergency call-outs, daily maintenance or shut downs and turn-arounds.

Some of our customers only use a part of our overall capabilities while others use expertise from many of our departments. Our Manufacturing Department can fabricate parts for our Industrial Maintenance Services Department, Field Services Department or Sand Plant Services Department. Our Coatings Department can work closely with our Salt Water Disposal Department and our Millwright Department. Our Disaster Services Department works with Manufacturing, Millwright & Coatings Department. Lastly our Deconstruction Department might call on any of our other disciplines for expertise and help.


US Federal Verified Vendor
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
NACE International - Corrosion Control Certification
PEC Safety & Compliance Authorized Provider
OSHA Certified Contractor
SafeLandUSA Training Provider