Advanced Construction has the general, mechanical, electrical, welding, and preventative maintenance experience and understanding to handle all needs in the IMO field. Utilizing the background that Advanced has, along with with the focus and driving force emphasized on safety, we have set the bar high to provide the services we offer. Along with our wide variety of areas of expertise, our maintenance technicians are multi-skilled individuals, proficient in many tasks.

Industrial maintenance involves a great degree of problem solving, which is shown and delivered by our experienced staff. Identifying the problem, alongside the best and safest means of resolving the difficulty, is our main focus.

Safety is a pivotal aspect of maintenance, as most industrial machines can be very dangerous. We provide on-staff training and have created a culture which strives to maintain each employees own safety, as well as those of our clients.

  Maintenance Planning
  Facilities Management
  Installation & Repair

  Production Equipment
  Certified Crane Operators/Riggers
  Millwright Services

  Shut Downs & Turn Arounds
  Process Machinery
  Mechanical Assemblies

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